“Earth is my body, water my blood,
air my breath and fire my spirit”

Xcaret is a majestic park by the sea, where you can find unique activities while you have fun discovering the natural and cultural richness of Mexico.

Submerge yourself into a magical paradise that combines the beauty of this generous land and the mysticism of the ancient Maya. Smell the aromas of honey, orchids and copal carried by the wind. Enjoy the trip along underground rivers as the softly flowing water purifies your spirit. Explore the vestiges of the prodigious Mayan civilization and experience a journey around the world after life, through their eyes. Let the renewing power of fire burst through your soul and feel how it lights the flame of life deep inside you.

Xcaret offers your group a marvelous location, where you will find water activities, marine animals that share their world with you, highly qualified staff, world-class service, as well as unbelievable beautiful natural land and seascapes and the most spectacular show in Mexico.